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Food fighter WEED GANG NXTG3NZ
Wen Whitelist? BOT DEMO
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Changing the way people obtain WL spots

Power up your community engagement via a randomized binary raffle

Hunt whitelist spots

Users enters a command, and receive a message indicating win or loss.

You opened a safe... /
Whitelist Heist BOT
You just found a whitelist! 🤑

Fully customizable bot

Everything (message, image, command, cool down timer, odds of winning) is fully customizable!

You start cooking pizza... /
Pizzanatic BOT
Oops...! You burnt the pizza... :D
Coming soon!

Collab with other servers

Crypto Cowboys BOT
List of Goldmines 💰
Have you already found 1 gold nugget in the Crypto Cowboys Goldmine - but you need more gold to get whitelisted?

Look no further sir ⛏️

You can find more gold in the servers below! ⬇️

Join the servers and ask in their general chat "Where can I find gold? 🤠" and they will show you the way!

Retro Pandas Goldmine

Blockchain Bear Brawls Goldmine

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