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SOTA x WEED GANG x The Billionaire Bears Club x Bloomverse x
Wen Whitelist? BOT DEMO
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Power up your community engagement with randomized binary raffle

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Player enters a command, and receive a message indicating win or loss.
Everything (message, image, command, cool down timer, odds of winning) is fully customizable!
You opened a safe... /
Whitelist Heist BOT
Player Robber#4321
You just stole a whitelist spot! 🤑
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Which blockchain do you support for wallet address collection?
Our bot can accept Ethereum and Solana addresses. We can definitely support other blockchains if requested.
Can we choose not to collect wallet addresses?
Yes! That's possible.
Does it have dashboard/web interface?
There's no exclusive dashboard for our clients at this time - however the bot comes with complete set of commands you can use to configure inside your own Discord server.
How much does it cost?
0.1 ETH to host unlimited giveaway rounds for 6 months!

We offer a custom pricing for special requests that are largely beyond our scope as well.
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